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Peace River Lookout Point

Peace River Lookout Point
Peace Viewpoint
Fort St. John

Learn more about Fort St. John's roots by visiting the Peace River Lookout Point located at the south end of 100th Street. This lookout provides wonderful views of the Peace River. There are two interpretive signs placed there by the Fort St. John North Peace Museum and Peace River Regional District. The first sign explores the history of the Peace River as the highway of the north from canoes and scows to steamboats and sternwheelers. Learn about the D.A. Thomas - the largest, most luxurious, and best-known steamer on the Peace. The second sign examines five historic landmarks that could once be seen from this lookout. These sites include the British Columbia Police Barracks and Jail, the Pacific Great Eastern Railway Bridge, the North West Mounted Police Trail, Fort St. John (1858-1872), and Old Fort St. John (1873-1923). Pack your camera and a lunch or snack and enjoy the beauty and history of the Peace River.


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